How Not to be Bored: Get Rich by Winning the Lottery


Richard Lustig

Richard Lustig has an answer to how one person to win the lottery over again and again.

Lustig is – a seven-times lottery grand prize winner. He shares what he calls “the winning lottery method” a strategy he has been using for years.  According to him, this is a formula that has earned him more than $1 million in lottery winnings.

Just like every other business, Lustig believes playing lotto is an investment. You can only invest money to get more money. Lustig is a 59-year-old from Florida. He was once a drummer and singer.

“A good number of people buy a $1 ticket, win $10 and end up putting the whole $10 in their pocket,” Lustig said. According to him, those calibre of people are playing the game the wrong way. He continued by saying that, “when you win $10, it is a wise decision to buy $11 worth of tickets than to out the money into your pocket because when it fails, you will only end up  losing $1.”

After playing the Fantasy 5 game in Florida, this process has earned him $98,000 in winnings.  Lustig continued by saying that he always buys tickets with the lottery money he wins.

Based on his story, this method also won him $842, 000 (his biggest lottery prize ever) in 2002. The first time he would take a lottery winning home was in 1992. It was a $10, 000 win. The money came in handy and at the appropriate because he had hospital bills coming in from the birth of his son.

Before then winning the $10, 000 in 1992, Lustig said he had spent most of his time losing. This also made him decide to find a way to improve his chances. He regards playing the lottery as a full-time job. He said it is a daily process that requires dedication of time and resources.

Lustig further said there is guarantee or promises of winning the lottery when methods are followed, but they will definitely increase the chances of winning the lottery. He further said that he is not a scam artist as he is only telling people the whole truth. By following his method, he said the chances of winning the lottery can be increased.

Lustig decided to write a book after developing the process from his wealth of experience over the years and selling thousands of copies of his report. The 40-page book that explains all his winning formulas. The book also addressed the game of luck or chance. ON Amazon’s self-help books list, Lustig is  ranked #3 at the moment.

Lustig s a self-described “gambler,” loves playing blackjack in Las Vegas. “You have a better than normal chance of winning the game most of the time if you play it properly. On the season finale of TLC’s which airs on Thursdays at 9 p.m E.T., Lustig said: “The Lottery Changed My Life.”

Lustig said he is very fortunate to have a great family and unlike other lottery playes, he has not been met by tragedy and back luck after winning the lottery.  He further said that Lustig said there had been no negative side to his winning streak. Family members do not have beg for money, Lustig happily gives it out.

The gifts he has bought himself from the proceeds of his lottery are includes a $350, 000 house having a custom designed, a Harley Davidson worth $25, 000, and an $80, 000 Jaguar.

Lustig, the talent booker, also invests a part of his earnings. “It would have been better off if I stuff that money into the mattress due to the economy, but I a savvy person. When it comes to money, I make sure I spread my investments out.” Lustig said.

Although Lustig cannot keep track of the amount he uses in the purchase of tickets each year, on the average, he visits the Florida lottery office 3 to 6 times in a year. Lustig is now a familiar face at the office where winners go to cash in.

Here is Lustig’s advice fellow lottery players not to throw their tickets away. The amount you win can take care of the cost of losing your tickets as against the taxes you pay on your winnings.” Lustig then advised winners on TLC and told them to be careful since all taxes are not paid out when the lottery winnings are given ut.

Before you play a lottery game, it is important you try to use some your common sense,” Lustig said. “You must not become a rocket scientist to understand you can increase your chances of winning by playing more.”

Lustig’s best advice: “Do not spend more than you can afford.”

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