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Stories: 4 People Who Were Born Poor and Are Now Rich!

Lotto: You have to be in it to win it!

Many of us will buy a ticket occasionally and dream of winning something, no matter how small In the lotto draws. In fact the odds of winning are very low. The odds on winning the Euro millions Jackpot if you buy one ticket is 116 531 800! Okay so that’s to win the whole jackpot but even to get one of the secondary prizes the odds are not good. Here below are a few recent winners who have not necessarily scooped the whole jackpot but have done quite well.

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How Not to be Bored: Get Rich by Winning the Lottery


Richard Lustig

Richard Lustig has an answer to how one person to win the lottery over again and again.

Lustig is – a seven-times lottery grand prize winner. He shares what he calls “the winning lottery method” a strategy he has been using for years.  According to him, this is a formula that has earned him more than $1 million in lottery winnings.

Just like every other business, Lustig believes playing lotto is an investment. You can only invest money to get more money. Lustig is a 59-year-old from Florida. He was once a drummer and singer.

“A good number of people buy a $1 ticket, win $10 and end up putting the whole $10 in their pocket,” Lustig said. According to him, those calibre of people are playing the game the wrong way. He continued by saying that, “when you win $10, it is a wise decision to buy $11 worth of tickets than to out the money into your pocket because when it fails, you will only end up  losing $1.”

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