Stories: How to Defeat Radical Islam – Coverage by Someone Who Doesn’t Care About Anything

If you take a look at this picture, it might instill fear in your mind, you might even think twice about saying anything negative about Muslims, but the writer of the article doesn’t care about anything and wants nothing more then to write good content, because he is – bored – and thinks too much, putting thought into words on a website for all to see is what the internet is all about, isn’t it?

How to Defeat Radical Islam

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Sponsored: What Are Forex Trading Signals?

Not every trader has the time to watch their charts 24/7, and not every trader has the skills or expertise to interpret market information to help make well-informed investment decisions. The solution? Forex trading signals.

Elite Signal Forex Signals

Elite Signal Forex Signals

Forex trading signals are given by professional investors able to deliver raw data and insights about current market conditions. These insights translate into trade ideas, that is, suggesting users make a trade on a specific currency pair. This minimizes risk and saves time.

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Top 10 Stuff: Top 10 Porn Tubes

So what are the Top 10 porn tubes? well that depends on what you are looking for right? So in this post today we will be looking at the top 10 best porn tubes for following criteria:

  1. Popularity
  2. Free (of course)
  3. Has almost everything available (every fetish you could think of)
  4. User friendly
  5. Speed of website and video streaming
  6. Less pop-ups and adds is always better

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The Internet: Why do We Still Use the Internet?

As someone who was born during the dawn of the internet, when AOL was brand new and modems used to make that weird noise when connecting, I ask myself “why do people still use the internet?”, well I still use the internet to watch movies and TV shows, I just recently got a NetFlix subscription, my work and much of my free time is spent on the internet. I am, bored, so I use the internet.

I just went to, for the first time in my life, it was not a surprise that like GoDaddy, is a domain name registrar, meaning that “Get your own domain name” is the first thing that you see. Why would someone want their own domain name in the first place?

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How Not to be Bored: Get Rich by Winning the Lottery


Richard Lustig

Richard Lustig has an answer to how one person to win the lottery over again and again.

Lustig is – a seven-times lottery grand prize winner. He shares what he calls “the winning lottery method” a strategy he has been using for years.  According to him, this is a formula that has earned him more than $1 million in lottery winnings.

Just like every other business, Lustig believes playing lotto is an investment. You can only invest money to get more money. Lustig is a 59-year-old from Florida. He was once a drummer and singer.

“A good number of people buy a $1 ticket, win $10 and end up putting the whole $10 in their pocket,” Lustig said. According to him, those calibre of people are playing the game the wrong way. He continued by saying that, “when you win $10, it is a wise decision to buy $11 worth of tickets than to out the money into your pocket because when it fails, you will only end up  losing $1.”

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