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PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are in constant competition with each other in their fight for marketing dollars. Google continues to change its algorithms on a regular basis, which means that businesses have to compete against ever-changing goals. While SEO can certainly give you great results, the problem is that it is a slow process and if you are in a competitive industry, it is extremely difficult to hold onto the number one ranking you are after. This is one of the top reasons why businesses decide to funnel more money into PPC campaigns with an online marketing agency such as “Intername”.

PPC campaigns have the potential to deliver targeted traffic, but you have to have some technical know-how in order to use and run them properly. When entering a market or when selling a product through PPC campaigns, even market veterans can end up making mistakes. Therefore, you need to have an expert PPC analyst for reviewing every potential facet of your campaign and looking for ways you can improve the content and your landing page. You can find PPC professionals who can even open a Google AdWords account for you and manage it on your behalf.

Those who have just learned about PPC are not aware that hiring an expert, such as, will cost you less as compared to the cost you will incur if you decide to launch a campaign on your own. If you are still uncertain, here are the top reasons to hire an expert for your PPC campaign:

Reason 1: Keyword research is not easy

Keyword research is an important element of PPC campaigns, but it is definitely not easy. Experts spend a lot of time in doing this research in the beginning and throughout the process. If you select the wrong keywords, you will use up your entire budget quickly and will get very poor returns from your campaign. There are some free keywords tools you can use, but the paid ones are the good ones.

Yes, it is true that you can get a competitive advantage with these paid tools, but they also come for a price. In fact, some of these tools can have a very hefty price tag. The perk of hiring PPC experts is that they already have these tools available and they don’t stop at these tools. They make use of several data points for forming a more comprehensive picture of the sales landscape.

Reason 2: Bad copy leads to low conversions

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a PPC expert is that they know exactly how to perform competitive research. They are aware of what needs to be done to find good copy. In order to make it happen, they will observe your competition and come up with ads based on what they know will work. It is not possible for a novice to create such copy overnight, especially when every word carries a meaning. When you have the best copy, it can give your click-through-rate a solid boost and can help you in netting more conversions. Therefore, it is recommended that a business doesn’t take the chance on writing a wrong or bad copy. If your copy is bad, it will not convey the right message. Instead, it will only try to get more traffic, which leads to low conversion and a lot of money goes to waste.

Reason 3: Technical expertise is needed for tracking

The foundation of any good PPC campaign is not only tracking sales, but also being able to track the source of the sales. A comprehensive analysis can show you which keywords and placements are most likely to lead to conversions. Moreover, when you tag your campaigns, it also enables you to see which ones are the most effective. You have to have some basic HTML knowledge for installing tracking code. If you don’t have any such knowledge, this task is best left to the PPC experts. Taking the task on your own would require additional expertise and setup.

Reason 4: There is a lot of PPC terminology

You may be familiar with the full form of PPC, but there is plenty of other terminology, such as CPC, CPM, CPA and more. Do you know what they all mean? Are you aware of the difference between views, impressions and hits? Are you familiar with retargeting? It is extremely important to understand these terms for managing your PPC campaigns on a day-to-day basis, Until you are familiar with all PPC terminology, then you shouldn’t manage your campaigns on your own.

Reason 5: Campaign settings are confusing

When you want to get the most exposure for your campaigns, there are a number of potential settings that need to be adjusted. For instance, you can use geographic settings for targeting a specific part of the country. You also need to decide whether targeting should be done statewide, locally, worldwide or nationally. Another decision to make is whether you need to create separate ad groups for these or not. These are only a few settings and there are plenty more that need to be dealt with.

If you don’t understand these settings clearly and how they can work in your favor, you will just be paying a lot for the same traffic that other marketers pay pennies for. You wouldn’t know the difference unless you hire an expert who has some experience in this regard.

Reason 6: Can you make a good landing page?

Relevance is not just important in the case of SEO; it can also play an important role in PPC campaigns. If your landing page is not relevant, you will have to spend more on conversions. PPC experts are well-versed in the principles of designing the landing page and they also know how these principles should be tested. They also have access to third party software that can be used for testing purposes.

Reason 7: Experience with similar clients

An excellent reason to hire a PPC expert for dealing with your campaign is that there is a good chance they have worked with other businesses within your industry. This means that these experts possess competitive knowledge that they can apply to your account and will help you in saving thousands of dollars. When it comes to paid search, it is undoubtedly beneficial to hire a company that has worked with one or more of your rivals before.

Most of the professional PPC services out there will not take on direct competitors as clients simultaneously because there would be an obvious conflict of interest. If they do take them on, it is probably not a good idea to work with them. But, if they have worked with companies similar to your businesses or your competitors previously, then it would actually be good for you.

Reason 8: Is click fraud happening?

If you are starting a PPC campaign for the first time, there is a good chance you are not familiar with click fraud. It is essential to be aware of the existence of click fraud. It should also be understood that there might be some auto-generated clicks on your ads that may not be related to click fraud. Instead, it is usually a bot that’s trying to spider the website for one reason or another. You have to keep an eye on your log files and stats for noticing any suspicious activity and if you feel click fraud is happening, it should be reported to the search engine so you can claim a refund.

The problem is that search engines do want to eliminate click fraud, but your refund may be stuck for months because they may want to perform an audit. This aspect needs to be controlled and can only be done if you have technical expertise. A PPC expert can provide you exactly that.

Reason 9: Keeping up with the changes

Staying up to date with the latest trends is a must for every good online marketer and this includes reading online forums, news and journals. They also attend networking events on a regular basis and also go to industry trade shows several times a year. Furthermore, they also have friends and peers they can contact for comparing notes or for getting expert advice on the latest trends. Can you do that on your own? If not, it is best to use the services of a PPC expert.

Reason 10: No time

When you are running a business, there are hundreds of tasks you have to deal with every day. Do you really have the time to create, implement and then monitor your PPC campaigns? Lots of people approach PPC with the belief that it is less complicated or easier than SEO. But, the fact is that PPC can cost you more every time it is used. You will not see returns right away, especially if you don’t give it the attention it deserves.

Thus, unless you have any prior experience with PPC, it is best to hire an expert for managing your campaign in the best possible way.

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