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Online Videos: Cats Freaking Out at the Sight of a Cucumber is Hilarious!

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Do you find funny videos amusing and are always looking for them online on YouTube or Facebook? With the advancement in science and technology, everything can be done online. From doing official work to finding entertainment, everything is just a click away. You can find funny videos on YouTube that will keep you hooked for hours and hours. Intriguing videos keep appearing one after another and you end up watching a lot of them.

Even kids these days know how to operate YouTube and search out their required videos. Amusing videos become viral on social media within minutes. Here is a very interesting video I came across on YouTube the other day:

This video shows a number of cats freaking out at the sight of a cucumber. It was really funny to watch their reaction. Apart from providing me good entertainment, this video left me curious if cats are really afraid of cucumbers or these videos were based on co incidences only. And if they are really afraid of cucumbers, why is it so? I did some research on the matter and here is what I found out:

Cats are quite brave creatures that go on hunting in the dark without fearing what may be lurking behind the dark alleys. It is very unusual of them to be afraid of a harmful vegetable. Cats are very curious by nature and if they find something unusual, they explore it, do their research and then decide if a certain thing is actually harmful or not. But coming across this video and others, one can get pretty convinced that cucumbers are actually scary to the cats. To find out the truth, I did the same experience with my cat. I placed the cucumber at a reasonable distance and let her approach it, discover it and explore it.

To my amazement, the cucumber didn’t trigger any such response and my cat’s reaction was pretty much normal. The cucumber was just like an everyday object to her. I did some further research online and couldn’t find anywhere that cats are actually afraid of cucumbers. The scientists suggest that the response shown by the cats was not because of the cucumbers in specific. It was because of the fact that those cucumbers were placed near the cats without them knowing. The cucumbers actually startled them when they looked around because they were not expecting an object nearby.

As it can be seen in these videos, cucumbers are placed very near to the cats so they don’t get the time to process and understand the object and that’s what causes the absurd behavior. They would have been afraid of anything placed that close to them without their knowledge. According to Jill Goldman, who is a certified animal behaviorist, the cats’ first instinct when they see the cucumber is to assume that it is a snake and not a cucumber. So it is natural to be afraid of snake that is a deadly predator that can cause harm to the cats. Especially when it sneaks up on them as shown in videos, this response is quite logical one.

The experts highly recommend to not to scare your pets like that since it can be very damaging to them. Using your pet for your entertainment should definitely make you question your morality.

So it can confidently be said that the fear of an unknown, potentially harmful object triggered that response rather than the cucumber itself. If you want to introduce new objects to your pet, do it gradually and allow your pet to make acquaintance with it.

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