Top 10 Stuff: Top 10 Craziest Things That Are Legal

There are some things, that in most of the world or in certain parts of the world are not illegal and are seen as totally crazy by large portions of society. Now we are totally not telling you to go out and do any of these things, most of them are hazardous, dangerous and crazy, what we are saying is that if you did decide to do them, you would not be in danger with the LAW.

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Technology: Kill Your Boredom With Technology News

Funny Technology News Update

The modern era of today is defined by technology. The internet and advancements in scientific methods of research and development have led to new breakthroughs in every department of life. The world of technology today makes progress every second and at any particular instance, there is quite a lot going around the cyber world. Every day there are new devices designed and introduced, new ideas are implemented, new applications for further development of technology are invented.

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Things to do When You are Bored – Complete the Worlds Biggest Puzzle! List of Biggest Puzzles in the World!

How Not to be Bored

List of Biggest Puzzles Completed in World History

If you are really bored out of your mind and have some time to waste, then maybe you should try beating these world records for biggest puzzles ever completed in history! Check out these masterpieces that were done by people from all around the world and learn a thing or two about spending time when you are bored.

Vietnam puts together the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle

Vietnam puts together the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle

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Top 10 Stuff: Top 10 Dumbest Tweets, Top 10 Funny Tweets

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? The internet certainly does, which is perfectly depicted in the series of videos known as ‘Top 10 Dumbest Tweets’ on the channel Most Amazing Top 10. How much the audience loves these kinds of videos is clearly evident in the fact that the latest video that came out only a few days ago is part 31. That’s right; part thirty-one!

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Top 10 Stuff: I Just Won the Lottery! What to Do After Winning the Lottery, Top 10 Ways to Enjoy a Lottery Win

I Won the Lotto!

Oh my gosh I just won the lottery!

Lottery winners such as Merle and Patrica Butler of Red Bud, Illinois and three teachers calling themselves The Three Amigos in Milford Mill, Maryland, as well as an anonymous winner in Ottawa, Kansas, who shared the $656 Mega Millions jackpot March 30 of 2012 and won $218.6 million each find themselves in a conundrum.

What to Do With All that Money???

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The Internet: 5 Ways to Spot Fake News Websites!

How to Know if a Website is Fake News

Now that the word “fake news” has become mainstream, we ask ourselves the question “How to Spot a Fake News Website?”.

Let’s face it, most people read the news or watch news on the TV just because they are bored, they think that “knowing” about what is going on in the world might help them kill their boredom and give them something to think about or talk about in some random conversation with a co-worker or family member. With so many news portals, TV channels and radio updates, how can we tell the blatant “fake news” from the regular “probably not fake news”.

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Online Videos: Cats Freaking Out at the Sight of a Cucumber is Hilarious!

Do You Enjoy Funny Videos?

Do you find funny videos amusing and are always looking for them online on YouTube or Facebook? With the advancement in science and technology, everything can be done online. From doing official work to finding entertainment, everything is just a click away. You can find funny videos on YouTube that will keep you hooked for hours and hours. Intriguing videos keep appearing one after another and you end up watching a lot of them.

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Top 10 Stuff: Top 10 Diet Programs

Choose a right plan that suits you from Paleo to protein-package, vegan to volumetric.

Find the right diet for your body and lifestyle can be a bit frustrating. Choosing from celebrity-approved to science-backed is quite a hectic task. This is not the kind of exercise you need at the moment. In a bid to have an easy search, we have put together ten of the most popular diets for you. This is to assist you to find the Best, and also make use it as a comparison tool, giving each diet a Smart Rating based on reviews received from expert of Health Magazine, US News, and WebMD.

The overall Best Diet

The winner: Weight Watchers

The weight watchers came out the way (weigh?) all other diet plans and had a Smart rating of 98/100 ahead of them all. This is all Thanks to its group support, flexibility, and general popularity among users. Am sure you are also familiar with its celebrity endorsements. Jessica Simpson, Jenny McCarthy, and Jennifer Hudson are all great fans of Weight Watchers and other branded frozen foods available at the local grocery store. I can guarantee that you will fall in love with their online platform that enables you to track your points at the easiest and fastest rate ever.

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