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Choose a right plan that suits you from Paleo to protein-package, vegan to volumetric.

Find the right diet for your body and lifestyle can be a bit frustrating. Choosing from celebrity-approved to science-backed is quite a hectic task. This is not the kind of exercise you need at the moment. In a bid to have an easy search, we have put together ten of the most popular diets for you. This is to assist you to find the Best, and also make use it as a comparison tool, giving each diet a Smart Rating based on reviews received from expert of Health Magazine, US News, and WebMD.

The overall Best Diet

The winner: Weight Watchers

The weight watchers came out the way (weigh?) all other diet plans and had a Smart rating of 98/100 ahead of them all. This is all Thanks to its group support, flexibility, and general popularity among users. Am sure you are also familiar with its celebrity endorsements. Jessica Simpson, Jenny McCarthy, and Jennifer Hudson are all great fans of Weight Watchers and other branded frozen foods available at the local grocery store. I can guarantee that you will fall in love with their online platform that enables you to track your points at the easiest and fastest rate ever.

Best Low-Calorie Diet

The winner: The Volumetrics Diet

Its rejoicing time for lovers of Salad bar! With an emphasis on soups that are broth-based, large salads, and other “high-volume, low-calorie” foods, The Volumetrics Diet weight loss without starvation. With a Smart Rating of 96, experts have shown to love it for its emphasis on veggies and whole. The wide of fiber-packed recipes makes it to be loved by Dieters because it can keep them full for hours.

Best Low-Carb Diet

The winner: South Beach Diet

To be able to slip into your skinny jeans again, The South Beach Diet with a Smart Rating of 83 is all you need. This is made possible thanks to its low-carbohydrates, and high-protein meal plan which according to WebMD has been “approved and highly regarded by experts.” Non-nutritionists also love this. Bill Clinton, a One-time U.S. President, has used it to drop harmful stomach fat and to cure his addiction to fast food after he was faced with a poor health condition which required an open surgery.

Best Government-Approved Diet

The winner: The DASH Diet

Giving American diet advice for several decades is The National Institute of Health (NIH). The four food crops that we were taught in elementary school were all the work of NIH. Experts were happy when they released the DASH Diet by combining years of conventional weight-loss tips and research experience. The experts happily noted that were able to bring added exercises and more sensible food options. They had a Smart Rating of 97. Dash diet comes highly recommended by Doctors particularly for people hoping to reverse their heart disease and lower their high blood pressure.

Best Diet for Overall Health

The winner: The Mediterranean Diet

If you are yet to afford to cruise to the Mediterranean, you can at least eat like the influential, beautiful and healthy people from the region. The Mediterranean Diet, with a Smart Rating of 94, lectures you on how to eat like a Sicilian by adding more olive oil, fish, and vegetables into your diet. Whether you are trying to lose weight or not, this will help you to maintain a life-long health.

Best Diet Based on History

The winner: The Paleolithic Diet

Despite the fact that living like our ancestors can be regarded as archaic and out of place, we can tap into their wealth of experience in health by eating like them. Their caves, pumas and stick toothbrushes, are not that cute but their eating habit was generous. Eating like them is quite beneficial for both health and waistline. The Paleolithic Diet has a Smart Rating of 62, and it offers to teach you on how you were designed to eat, by focusing on whole foods, with fats, and no grains. The field of research on this (confusing) new diet is promising but still emerging. For the time being, experts are quite happy that the diet is focused on fitness, natural foods, and practical lifestyle changes.

Best Vegetarian Diet

The winner: The Ornish Diet

The recent documentaries by Forks Over Knives Popularized this diet. The Ornish Diet, with a Smart Rating of 90, is aimed at focusing on vegetables, whole grains, fruits, and legumes that provide vitamin-rich, low-fat, way of eating. It is well known for its enthusiastic and outspoken founder, Dr. Dean Ornish. A lot of followers and users have shared testimonies of how it helped them lose weight and improve their overall health.

Best Vegan Diet

The winner: The Kind Diet

It seems like Alicia Silverstone is not as clueless as people thought her to be! The Kind Diet (a book), with a Smart Rating of 80, has encouraged a way of eating regarded as both gentle on the environment and your body. This diet is aimed at eating a variety of whole foods without animal products. The real selling point as attributed by Alicia may be her radiant skin, desirable hair, glowing skin, and easy-going attitude.

Best Diet for Building Lean Muscle

The winner: Body for Life

The main aim behind dieting may not necessarily be to build muscles, but research has shown that the act of weight lifting while dieting can help to keep lean muscle mass even while losing and burning fats. This is a combo that will stoke your metabolism so that you are likely never to regain weight. Body for Life by including a simple, sensible and focused diet with lots of proteins can combine the best of both worlds, and assist in your weight lifting programs. It has a Smart Rating of 62 due to its importance on healthful foods and serious exercise.

Best High-Protein Diet

The winner: The Eco Atkins Diet

The Atkins Diet known for much of its controversies and emphasis on high protein, low carbohydrate, and snacks,  has been around for quite some decades now. The new Eco-Atkins has a Smart rating of 68, and it aims at keeping the nutritional goals while moving away from the mentality of all-meat-all-the-time. This has made the original plan famous. Advocates love that with the unlimited proteins and fat, the chances of feeling hungry is quite less. This Eco version includes options for vegetarians and vegans. Hence, you can keep the principles for your waistline as you will not have to forego them.

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