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Online Games: 5 Things That Virtual Reality Games Producers Don’t Want You To Know

What Are They Hiding From You?

One of the newest things in the gaming world and the online games genre is VR. Virtual reality is becoming a household item and with a fast internet connection any game can be played with just the click of a button.

The VR industry is quickly turning into a multi-billion dollar per year industry that will probably be around for generations to come, but there are a few things that they are not telling us, because they need our wallets open every time that a new VR technology or VR game comes out.

  • VR Kills IQ and Social Skills

You don’t have to be a genius to know that a big part of our IQ is built by socializing. To get along in the world you must have social skills. When spending too much time around virtual scenes, places and games, without being able to socialize, IQ goes down and eventually so does the quality of living. Do you want you or your children to be stupid?

  • Virtual Reality Headsets are Bad for Your Health

Virtual reality head-sets are bad for your eyes, your brain, your heart, lungs and central nervous system. Scientists that have spoken out about this have been shut up by the industries behind VR. Not to mention that walking around your room or outside with a headset covering your eyes is a great hazard.

  • Virtual Reality is Being Used to Collect Data

The headsets collect data, while you are using them, they scan your each and every move and send the data to the companies that produce them, the companies use this data for production of future technologies so that it will be easier for them to trap us is much more sophisticated VR technologies in the future. They are setting us up to be slaves to future VR technologies even if we don’t want to.

  • Virtual Reality Porn Games and Other Addictive Games are Going to be a Big Problem

The industry known that once everyone has a VR headset and VR technology in their homes, people will be able to take advantage of the technology by producing porn games, gambling games, violent games and other types of VR that will be potentially addicting and hazardous to the population. Many companies will produce these types of games and many lives will be ruined because of it.

  • Virtual Reality Will be Used for Many Negative Purposes, and No One will be Able to do Much About it

Just think about it, when you are in an online virtual reality game, anyone who is playing in the same game will be able to come up to you anonymously and interact with you within the game. Unless you are using a firewall and proxy, they will also pretty easily be able to know who you are in real life with minimal hacking skills by tracing your IP. Anyone with minimal hacking skills will be able to speak with you anonymously, harass you, spy on you, give you false information or try to get information out of you and you won’t have the slightest clue who they really are.

In conclusion, there are many dangers to come with VR, just like any technology, you have to be aware of these dangers so that you can make the right decisions when getting into VR, knowing the risks and the benefits.

This is a Globally Bored web-team post in the Online Games section of our site. Written and posted by a genuinely bored person. it is an opinion and should not be mistaken as fact.

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