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Online Games: Top 5 Trending Free Games to Play on Your Mobile Phone

Top 5 Free Mobile Games

Mobile games are the newest addition in the gaming industry and their popularity has risen rapidly. This is primarily because the use of smartphones has become widespread and people are now using it for performing a wide array of tasks. While some of the mobile games offered carry a price tag and have to be bought if you want to play them, there are free games that you can also find. What can be better than a free game? The problem is that it seems too good to be true and there have been some games that have just been a waste of time.

However, there are also some brilliant surprises in the form of trending free games that you can play on your mobile phone. Playing these games is a great pastime and one of the best activities you can indulge in when you are getting bored. Want to know some of the best options at your disposal? Here are the top 5 trending free mobile games you can play:

Game 1: Naruto x Boruto: Ninja Voltage

An international phenomenon, Naruto is correctly regarded by people as one of the best and biggest anime on the planet. It has continued its legacy with the child of the legendary ninja, Boruto, who is also in the middle of battles with ancient evils all over the world. Dozens of mobile and console games have been spawned by this franchise and the latest has brought father and son together.

A simplistic role-playing game, Ninja Voltage is an easy to pick game and when you start playing, you are presented with a combat system in which every character has been assigned numerous abilities. When you touch the corresponding icon, you can unleash a very spectacular attack. There are hundreds of heroes at your disposal and you can choose one amongst them and decide what kind of havoc you wreak. The Ninja Voltage is a treat for the fans because it gives them access to their favorite cast of characters that have spanned several generations. Whether you like Boruto, Naruto or Sasuke, you can choose from a wide array of players and create a gang of misfits.

Game 2: Plague Inc.

With a rather dark premise, Plague Inc. is an interesting handheld strategy game that you can enjoy on your mobile phone. The game requires you to kill every individual on the planet with the disease of your choice. First, you have to name and create the ailment of your choice and once you have done so, you are required to choose a location. You can choose any country from all over the globe, but you need to consider how your disease would work in that particular environment. Is there healthcare in the country or transport links? All these can influence how the disease will spread.

The soundtrack of the game comes off as pervasive, dark and somewhat unsettling and it unfolds when millions of people are dying in front of you. No matter what the outcome, it is oddly satisfying to craft a pandemic and you also have the option of naming it. This gives Plague Inc. a touch of dark comedy that other games may not be able to pull off. As long as you don’t have a problem with endless destruction and death, this strategy game is very rewarding and works perfectly well on your Android smartphone.

Game 3: Fire Emblem Heroes

This game has done an excellent job of translating its gameplay formula on both Android and iOS smartphones. Yes, it may not have the same depth that is often seen in 3D entries, but it is equally challenging and unique. With just a swipe of your finger, you can control every battle and ensure that every single move you make enables you to take advantage of your enemy’s weakness. This game is a nostalgic trip through the history of Fire Emblem heroes and players will come across characters from previous entries that have been summoned by an evil sorceress.

In each chapter, you have to deal with a number of skirmishes before you come across the iconic individual. The recruitment system of Fire Emblem Heroes is undeniably addictive and has added to the game’s appeal. The main currency of the game are the hard-earned orbs and sacrificing them allows you to recruit Heroes from all over the Fire Emblem universe.

Game 4: Super Mario Run

The mobile debut of this perky plumber is in the form of an endless runner and it comes with all the depth and character that Nintendo has to offer. You should note that Super Mario Run’s first world is available for free and accessing other world requires you to pay a rather steep price. The game comes off rather beautifully on the touch screen and it doesn’t seem that far off from the platforming classics that served as its inspiration. The goombas, green pipes and carnivorous plants are all iconic elements of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Game 5: Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius

One of the numerous freemium Final Fantasy games that you can play on your mobile phone is Brave Exvius. It is considered one of the best in the series as well because it has incorporated a number of loved and important elements and allows players to conquer dungeons, explore towns and create a varied party of courageous and clever heroes. You will find a simple core gameplay initially, but you will have to have a very keen sense of strategy for playing some of the later battles.

You always have to stay on your toes because there are assembling parties with various classes and alerting equipment to ensure it happens. The art-style used in Brave Exvius is unique and yet it has stayed true to the roots of the series. Therefore, you will be able to spend several hours playing this game without even realizing so.

Download any of these games on your mobile phone and have as much fun as you want.

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