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Top 10 Stuff: Top 10 Places to Visit and Things to Do in Greek Cyprus

Visit Greek Cyprus

The island country of Cyprus emerges from the Mediterranean Basin waters to offer natural beauty, imperial land features, and immense architectural beauty. Cyprus’ enviable position made its territory a prized possession targeted at all empires that rose to power across the Eastern Mediterranean.

The country’s grand history with various powers is evident in the old fortresses, monasteries, and museums galore that constitute a critical tourist attraction. For travelers planning to visit Cyprus soon, consider exploring ten must-visit places in the country dotted with world heritage sites, fine Byzantine churches, and archeological sites. 

Ensure you do not miss any of the top must-visit places and do in Cyprus using our list.

Ancient Kourion

Kourion is a standout selection for you to visit from among the various ancient sites in Cyprus. It allows you to explore the grand monuments as a must-do activity. The visit allows you to witness mosaics housed in the monuments. 

The site is positioned across the coastal cliff, allowing you to capture the magical sight comprising tumbling views of the Mediterranean below and the countryside. Ensure you pay a visit to the House of Eustolios and the theater. The former features fine and well-preserved mosaics.

A visit to the Byzantine basilica section is wonderfully picturesque, given the picturesque sight of the tumbled columns blending with the mosaic floor scraps.  

House of Dionysus

Visiting the House of Dionysus should top the list of must-do activities in Cyprus, given it is the home to the mosaic floors collection featuring vibrant coloring blend with excellent preservation. It constitutes a portion of the Paphos Archaeological site that hosts the excavated remains showcasing the ancient Paphos. The site orients one to the various Greco-Roman ruins and other mosaic houses.

The House of Dionysus features intricate mosaic artistry, making it the most visited section. It derives its name from the god Dionysus, who appears in multiple mosaics in the house, depicting ties and scenes linked with Greek mythology. 

The Temple of Aphrodite

A visit to the Temple of Aphrodite offers a glimpse of a must-visit to the largest Greek temple constructed on the island. The site offers trails of elements attributed to various governments, including the Roman and Greek empires. 

The Roman Empire built the temple following the Greek Empire’s ruin and integrated multiple touches and finishes borrowed from Roman nature. It features a museum with a collection of Greek and Roman artifacts. 

Cyprus Museum

A visit to the Cyprus Museum crowns the must-do activities in the island country that hosts multiple archaeological sites. Nonetheless, the museum is located in the capital, Nicosia.

It assembles the rich history of the Island that will take you on a journey from the Neolithic age to the Ottoman era. Each era is showcased by beautiful artifacts that depict sophisticated artistry.

You will witness the terra-cotta votive statues collection from the seventh century BC. 

Famagusta Old City

In your visit to north Cyprus, ensure you witness the Famagusta old city that features the Venetian-era walls. Inside, too, offers sights of the crumbling ruins of Gothic churches.

Visiting the center allows one to experience the Lala Mustafa Paşa Mosque, initially constructed as the St. Nicholas Cathedral in the early fourteenth century during Lusignans reign.

Do not miss out on climbing and traversing the sixteenth-century Venetian walls’ sections, attractive for their bastions and gates. 

Ancient Salamis

Visiting this archaeological site is a must for travelers seeking to explore the marble ruins that rank as a leading historical destination that rivals the Ancient Kourion. It offers one to learn the historical journey of Cyprus as one wanders the dirt tracks positioned between the ruins’ sets. 

A visit to the Ancient Salamis in north Cyprus would feature alongside the day trip to the Famagusta.

A notable sight is the Grand Hellenistic statuary, whose missing heads were lopped off by the jealous Christians.

The site allows you to experience the Byzantine church ruins standing among the wild fennel field and the reservoir area to demonstrate the engineering prowess of the grand ancient city.

Nicosia Old City

A visit to Nicosia offers a glimpse of Europe’s old divided capital. It features Nicosia, identified as Leftkosia, and hosts the headquarters of the Cyprus Republic. The north Nicosia is identified as Leftokosa and is the headquarters of the North Cyprus that has now earned UN recognition.

However, you need a passport to go through the walled old city district. The process needs you to fulfill the border requirements that change regularly. 

The Nicosia (Lefkosia) would allow you to experience several museums, including the fresco-covered Agios Loannis Church and the Makarios Cultural Foundation Byzantine Museum.

A visit to North Nicosia (Lefkosa) presents the opportunity to experience the Gothic architectural sights in Selimiye Mosque, converted from the fourteenth-century St. Sophia Cathedral. Also, you should witness the Ottoman-era Büyük Han caravanserai.

The Tombs of the Kings

Strolling two kilometers from the town orients one to the rock-cut chambers hosting the Tombs of the Kings. The underground tombs portray unique carvings out of solid rock and are dated 4th century BCE. 

Many tombs have Doric pillars decoration while sporting the distinct Egyptian influence. The tombs earned UNESCO World Heritage status. 

The tombs are considered the burial ground for the ancient Paphos in the Greek and Roman eras. It constitutes the burial place for high-ranking officials and society members.  

The area has seven tombs, each offering a unique experience to explore. A must-visit area is the third tomb when short on time. The tomb features the most interesting architectural elements integrating columns surrounding the atrium.

Frescoes Within Agia Paraskevi

Visiting the Byzantine church in the Geroskipou district would offer an appealing fresco finery. Paying a visit to the 10th-century architecture would offer a great addition. The structure is located four kilometers to the southeast of the central Paphos. It consists of a basilica franked by five domes to form a cross. 

Besides, it houses the beautiful 15th-century murals documenting Jesus’ life. Visiting the structure allows you to experience the well-preserved Last Supper, Washing of Feet, and Betrayal fresco. The colors within the three frescoes open to a vibrant scenery. The gaze to the central dome is a must-do activity, allowing you to see the Virgin Mary, who appears to raise her arms.

Paphos Coastal Boardwalk

Seafront strolling should top the list of must-do activities in Greek Cyprus. The recent extension of the boardwalk stretching five kilometers along the central Paphos coastline offers the perfect outdoor activity. In particular, the southern section features the boardwalk from the Paphos Fort toward the Louis Phaethon Beach Resort. 

The trail wades through the beaches located within the Central Kato Paphos. The area is dotted with several cafes that offer sea views. The seafront stroll opens to the exciting scenery to the northern half heading from the Paphos Harbor, thereby forting up the Tombs of the Kings. 

Strolling the path skirting the Paphos archaeological site headed north is a must-do activity. This route would provide you with the desired coastal views over Lighthouse Beach.

Bottom Line

The list above outlines the top places to visit and must-do in Greek Cyprus. Cyprus offers an opportunity to witness the grand history of the island country, evident in the old fortresses, monasteries, and museums galore that constitute a critical tourist attraction. While the list of must-visit and do in Greek Cyprus could be longer, this guide restricts itself to the top ten places one should not miss.

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