Online Games: South Africa Powerball, Play The South African National Lotto Game Online!

R91 million lotto winning ticket

R91 million lotto winning ticket

Lottery in South Africa has existed for decades under different laws, but the current version of the South African National Lottery was established in 2000. As listed in the Lotteries Act of 1997: it “regulates and prohibit lotteries and sports pools; to establish a National Lotteries Board; consequentially to amend the Post Office Act, 1958, the Gambling Act, 1965, and the Gambling Act, 1982.” From the beginning, the Lottery became very popular, becoming the most common form of gambling in the country. Powerball has been the country’s fast growing game in the past few years thanks to its high jackpots. Since 2015, the Camelot Group has been in control in regulating the South Africa lottery, which continues to rise in sales.

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ICOs: How Initial Coin Offerings Work

Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) is a way of assisting to collect money for cryptocurrency projects, which are new. Initial Coin Offering or ICO is normally utilized by each of the startups so as to avoid the collecting of capital that is regulated, in addition to a comprehensive procedure needed by banks or venture capitalists.

Generally, cryptocurrency tokens are traded in ICO campaigns by the projects’ early backers, in exchange for money and other cryptocurrencies. This is however, mainly done for Bitcoins.

Initial Public Coin Offering is another term for Initial Coin Offerings. When companies for cryptocurrency want to collect funds with the assistance of Initial Coin offering, a strategy is set up on white papers giving details regarding the venture, needs of the venture after its finalization, cash required so as to cater for the venture and the money acceptance and length of period for operating the ICO campaign.

After the ICO campaigns are held, the backers and fans also, buy a specific quantity of cryptocoins, which are spread with flat or virtual currency. The cryptocoins are called tokens also and they are the same as company shares.

initial coin offering

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Online Games: The Canadian Lottario – Canada’s Easiest Lotto Game


About Canadian Lottario

The Canadian Lottario, or the Ontario Lottario, one of the country’s most popular lottery games, has two drawings for every ticket purchased, a Main Draw and Early Bird Draw.

Each play costs just $1, and requires players to choose two sets of six numbers between 1 and 45. The Lottario Jackpot main draw starts at $250,000, while the early bird draw begins at $50,000.

Unfortunately, the Canadian Lottario is only available to Ontario, Canada residents, but through online lottery ticket services such as Lottoland and Thelotter, you can participate from any location in the world.

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Sponsored: TOP 5 CryptoCurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are taking the world by storm and are evolving at a rapid pace. Over the past 5 years Bitcoin alone has developed faster than any other investment like gold or even the stock market. Many people believe that there are only one kind of cryptocurrency, namely Bitcoin, but over the past decade or so there have been numerous ‘copycat’ currencies that seem to be keep to the pace and deliver the desired results. Here are the top 5 cryptocurrencies currently available worldwide.


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Stories: Whats Really Going on in the World Today – Are North Korean Government Officials and Trump Actually Russian Spies?

The End of the World?

What is really going on in the world today? What is actually happening and what are the facts? Are all the stories just scoops for media outlets or is something actually going on that should matter to any of us today? The truth may actually be that Trump works for the Russians and that North Korean government officials are working for Russia too, or maybe Globally Bored is just making this all up. Who knows? Keep reading to find out more.

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