I am bored, you are bored, we all are bored, let’s be bored together? Maybe since the dawn of the human race we have sat down near the fire to be bored together. Well these days where whole entire populations are just bored out of their minds and struggling to stay sane, life is a constant battle against being bored.

What is Bored?

According to the dictionary the meaning of “bored” is “feeling weary because one is unoccupied or lacks interest in one’s current activity” feeling weary is feeling tired or sleepy or lacking energy. Bored may actually be a symptom of lack of motivation or even a symptom of bouts of too much motivation.

Overly motivated people may in-fact feel extremely bored during their down time and may feel that it is a struggle to do basic robotic actions, depression can even set in when highly skillful people have nothing to do.

Don’t Misspell Bored

Often people will misspell the word “bored” and instead use the spelling of the word “board”. Many even think that the meaning of board-games is “games to play when you are bored” but actually the meaning is “games that are played on a board”.

How to Not be Bored

We have a whole section on our website that is dedicated on How Not To Be Bored, our website in general is made by bored people for bored people, here, like in ancient times sitting near the fire together, we can be bored and relax or go crazy together, as long as it’s together it will be fine, This is our vision.

Is it Bad / Good to be Bored?

We think that the answer is probably finding an equilibrium between bored time and not bored time. Doing things that entertain your body, mind and spirit are always good, it can kill the bored feeling right away, many people even try meditations, some prefer speaking with a trusted friend or writing things down when they are bored out of their minds. Whatever the situation you are in right now, try to be positive, it is not necessarily a bad thing to be bored.

With freedom comes boredom, those of us living in free countries, communities and societies will feel bored, the mundane set you off into a bored feeling at any given moment, spontaneity is a good way to stay not-bored, sometimes you just have to let the bored feeling hit you like a semi-trailer and kill some time.

We are here to help you kill that time, at Globally Bored.

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