There are many things that are global in the world, the Earth, our planet, is a globe, many things, ideas, religions and technologies and shared globally and many of the daily rituals and mundane or robotic actions that we do on a daily basis are done globally by all of the human race and by all living things on out planet.

What Is Globally?

Another thing that is “globally” used is the internet, we all use the internet, even in small remote villages there is usually a smartphone that is owner by the village tech geek and this enables most people in the world to be globally connected.

Many of us are globally connected in this way to the world wide web 24/7, even as we sleep our smartphones beep and whistle letting us know that someone we know on the other side of the world has updated their social media status or sent us a message or email.

Don’t Misspell Globally

The word “globally” is spelled with two “l”s. Many people misspell and use only one “l”. When using this term it means that something is done or happening on a “global” basis and this is why the “ly” is added at the end of the term.

For example, “warming of the earth is happening globally” or “over-fishing is happening globally and there are now less fish in the sea”. Whenever something is happening all around the world it is something that we can call “globally”.

The Global Internet of The Globally Bored

On our website we have used this term in regards to the way people live today and the internet is one of the many proofs, showing that in-fact we are all living in similar ways, today most people eat, sleep, speak, breath, use the internet – and – are bored with their lives.

We are Globally Connected and Still Bored Out of Our Minds

The internet used to be a way of globally connecting us all, today it is just another way to try and not be bored, the way things look today millennials are now also bored with the internet and with many things that we have just gotten so used to that they now are “globally boring”. Thus we are all Globally Bored.

We are in fact so bored that many of us choose to work 24/7 even though we already have more than we need. Sitting and doing nothing just for a few minutes, feeling the boredom and the emptiness, can even drive many of us mad.

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