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Top Travel Destinations: Is It Worth Travelling to Odessa Ukraine?


Travelling to Odessa Ukraine

It’s really charm travelling Odessa, Ukraine especially in the summers.  For travelling lovers, visiting this city is just like a travel dream come true though they are not even sure what to expect from the destination unless they reach there. This is mainly because the only things most of the people know about Odessa are the Black Sea harbor and its criminal past.

Surprisingly, Odessa tends to fascinate visitors and tourists more and more with every passing minute and they cannot even say why it is so. And this is for sure that you are going to fall for the place really quick from the moment you get there.

Odessa is a city you might never have visited before as it does not look like other major cities of Ukraine, such as Kiev or Ivano-Frankovsk. Sometimes, it may remind you of old Tbilisi by means of its beautiful yards but soon it feels like a completely different and one of different kind of town.

With a strong multicultural history along with a beautiful architecture, quirky places, hidden gems, and a fascinating past, the Ukraine city Odessa boasts almost everything you would want to see during a memorable visit. Let’s find it here why it is worth to go there.

Beautiful Architecture

When it comes to the beautiful buildings and cultural heritage, the old part of Odessa, Ukraine is really a miraculous destination to visit. In the history, that region of Ukraine was known as a cultural and intellectual center before the Soviet Russia. Moreover, most of the amazing architecture comes from that old period. These buildings resemble more of the Mediterranean influence than Russian one and give truly a unique appearance and style to this Ukraine town.

There are many spectacular constructions around Pedestrian Street of Deribasovskaya and Potemkin Steps. While Odessa has a wonderful collection of historical buildings, there are a few absolute highlights of the same i.e. The Passage, Potemkin Steps, and The Opera House. Both the buildings are so amazing and take tourists’ breath away every time they see them. Likewise, you would find the en-shadowed cobbled streets truly amazing to walk around in the city.

It’s really saddening that most of the architectural places in the city are not in very good condition and so, the true and faded-out beauty of such architecture is only obvious when you look at them carefully. Simply put, Odessa happens to be a treat for visitors’ eyes.

Splendid Backyards

A beautiful tourism destination has to have charming backyard for visitors to enjoy, and Odessa certainly lies true for this statement. It almost has the same atmosphere and the look what you uncover in Old Tbilisi and find yourself transformed into an entirely different magical world.

You would be coming across a unique street view which can be peeked inside from every single gate. One of the yards in Odessa has a statue of Ludwik Zamenhof – the founder of Esperanto language along with beautiful views around.

Once you are there, do not forget to have a solo wandering in the famous Moldavanka district where you will find some of the world’s best yards. As soon as you find what’s hidden from the street view, the charm of Odessa’s backyard gets more obvious.

Fascinating Beaches

Odessa has everything to be known as the best summer destination for tourists and visitors. If you plan a visit to this Ukraine city in summer, you would find a really warm and sunny weather welcoming you along with a bearable sea. The best part is that summers come with low-price packages for tourists and visitors letting them to pinch themselves for a visit.

It is, in fact, fascinating and simply amazing to relax at one of the beautiful beaches of the city. Most of the beaches are wide and sandy, and give an astonishing view of the blue water. It’s even more enjoyable to spend some money for the sun-bed and the umbrella just for 80 hryvnas for the whole day.

The beaches in Odessa are cruised with drinks and snacks in order for the visitors to have everything they might need. Some beaches, such as, Bali Beach and Langeron Beach are perfect places to relax as they are not too loud and crowded.

Marine Sensations

With the biggest harbor at the Black Sea, Odessa, Ukraine is one of the best destinations for maritime vibes you would never like to miss. There is a beautiful sea station right at the bottom of the Potemkin Steps where you would find both local and long-distance ferries arriving from different places.

Moreover, the city has Odessa skyline with a splendid view of shipyards where you would find many young sailors strolling the various streets of the town. The majority of souvenirs are accompanied with a beautifully unique marine theme which somehow goes perfectly suitable to the city.

Soviet Remnants and Craziest Cable Car

This Ukraine city also has several crazy things for crazy people, such as, amusement parts, metro, cable cars, and playground. It’s truly a complete expedition to come across the cable cars if you choose to search online. However, it is going to be really hard for you to describe the joy when you succeed to bounce around like a child at the cable car in the lower station.

Riding the cable cars may seem a little bit of fear-provoking but the amazing views of the Black Sea and vast green spaces are obviously worth availing it. Most of the cable cars have children heroes’ that multiply young pleasure during a different sort of ride.

Spending time in Odessa is a pure pleasure for tourists to be there, walk around the old city, and have a relaxing time at the beach. In fact, it’s hard to put into words why tourists enjoy Odessa so much. It’s strongly recommended having a look at the highlights of Odessa using a guide since there are lots of details and gems which need someone to explain them all.

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