Stories: Whats Really Going on in the World Today – Are North Korean Government Officials and Trump Actually Russian Spies?

The End of the World?

What is really going on in the world today? What is actually happening and what are the facts? Are all the stories just scoops for media outlets or is something actually going on that should matter to any of us today? The truth may actually be that Trump works for the Russians and that North Korean government officials are working for Russia too, or maybe Globally Bored is just making this all up. Who knows? Keep reading to find out more.

First of All – Everyone Knows That America and Russia Own the World

This is not a conspiracy theory. Ever since the cold war America and Russia have been planning the board for the next world war. Now China, Israel, Iran, North Korea and a few others are also preparing for Armageddon. But the fact is that the 2 countries that give out money to other countries in order to buy their compliance is the USA and Russia. USA and Russia both have the biggest armies, the American army has over 10 million troops and the Russians have 5 million, China has 100 million and the USA, Israel and Russia have the atomic bomb.

It is a known fact that Russia is secretly paying both North Korea and Trump in order to get the USA to comply. It is all just a game that the Russians are orchestrating in order to remove the USA as a formidable enemy in order to take over the world. The USA doesn’t even know that they have a Russian spy as their president!

North Korea Works for Russia

About %30 of North Korean top government and armed forces officials are Russian counterparts, spies, doing the work for Putin. The point is for Russia to be able to take over all of Europe and Asia after the USA starts a war with North Korea, Iran and China. Once the USA, China, Iran and North Korea are wiped out, no one will be able to stop Russia. Their only problem might be Israel but Russia has also bought the friendship of Israel in the past generation.

Russia is the Only Super-power Close Enough to Defend Israel During War

When the missiles go flying around the globe, Russia will come to the help of Israel and Israel in turn will not stop Russia from taking over all of Europe and Asia. Eventually the truth will see the light, the reason that Netanyahu and Putin have been such close friends over the years is that Israel is the only one with atomic bombs in the near vicinity.

Will Israel Strike Russia if Needed?

the answer is no. Israel would never go up against Russia, Israel would go up against the USA before fighting a war with the Russians. There is a reason for this, the Russians have also penetrated the Israeli government, yes you heard that right, one of the big political leaders in Israel, Liberman, was actually born in the former soviet union and so are many other Israeli cabinet members, they would never attack their own motherland!

Why is China so Hush Hush About World Issues?

China is very hush hush about everything we hear about in the news today. Do they have no opinion? Do they know the truth and are secretly making their own plans? They say that the quiet ones are the most dangerous. The truth is that China is dealing secretly with so many internal problems, under an iron curtain, not different from Russia in the soviet era. China – the truth is that they are actually planning to shoot down any missiles fired towards Israel or Russia whenever needed and have agreements with both Israel and Russia that they will help defend both countries if needed. So while Iran shoots missiles at Israel and the USA shoots missiles towards North Korea and Iran, guess what, China defends Israel and Russia while Russia shoots at the USA and all of Europe.

Here is a video of how it will all look:

The End of the World

But I am le tired…

This article was posted by the Globally Bored web-team in the Stories section of our website. It is only a story and not fact.

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