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Things to do When You are Bored – Complete the Worlds Biggest Puzzle! List of Biggest Puzzles in the World!

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How Not to be Bored

List of Biggest Puzzles Completed in World History

If you are really bored out of your mind and have some time to waste, then maybe you should try beating these world records for biggest puzzles ever completed in history! Check out these masterpieces that were done by people from all around the world and learn a thing or two about spending time when you are bored.

Vietnam puts together the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle
Vietnam puts together the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle

Guinness World Record – Vietnam Puts Together the World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle

In 2011 a group of 1,600 people in Vietnam, mostly students, got together and put together a puzzle that was made of over half a million puzzle pieces each sizing 2,5 cm x 2,5 cm. They currently hold the world record for something to do when you are bored!

Graham Andrew had Almost Completed the 33,600-Piece Challenge When he Realised He Did Not Have All the Pieces!

In 2016 a man named Graham Andrew from Reepham, (a small market town in the English county of Norfolk) spent 120 hours alongside 200 other people who helped him in the process, putting together pieces of a 3,600-piece puzzle just to realize that 4 of the pieces were missing when he was done! He had to have the 4 pieces made specially and sent to him from Spain. When the puzzle was finished it weighed over 17kg and is said to be the largest commercially available puzzle.

The jigsaw depicts a jungle scene including lions, elephants and crocodiles
The jigsaw depicts a jungle scene including lions, elephants and crocodiles

In 2015 This 21 year Old Girl Completed the Same 33,600 Piece Puzzle, BY HERSELF, it Took Her Over 2 Months to Complete!

Talk About being Bored!
Talk About being Bored!

Talk about being bored, this girl made it all by herself, it took her over 450 hours and 2 months to finish the puzzle and almost didn’t have enough room in her bedroom to finish the puzzle on the floor.

Amanda started doing puzzles when she was only 7 years old and has since completed puzzles of 1,000 pieces, 24,000 pieces, 33,600 pieces and is said to have recently completed a puzzle of 40,230 pieces!

Amanda says: “When I’m putting together a puzzle I find it relaxing and time seems to fly. Each time I put down one piece that fits another it’s a great feeling. The last piece is always euphoria. I’m just in a place in my mind where everything is perfect.”

Filipino Finishes World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle

the “Double Retrospect,” is now on display at The Puzzle Mansion in Tagaytay City, Cavite.
the “Double Retrospect,” is now on display at The Puzzle Mansion in Tagaytay City, Cavite.

Puzzle collector Gina Lacuna has finished many big puzzles in his lifetime but has now found an ever bigger one that is said to be one of the biggest commercially available puzzles in the world. It took him 900 hours to make and the 61 year old man also is said to be the owner of the world’s biggest puzzle collection.

He finished putting the pieces together during 2013 and his 900 hours of work, done alone, are a truly respectful endeavor. Sir you may just be the most bored person on planet earth and we applaud you.

Gina said: “I enjoyed every moment. I also finished ahead of my designated time”

In 2008 73 Years Old Man Eric Smith Celebrated Finishing a 24,000 Piece Puzzle that Took Him 6 Months to Complete

The jigsaw has 10 or 12 puzzles in the one
The jigsaw has 10 or 12 puzzles in the one

Eric says that each time he sees an unfinished puzzle somewhere he just has to sit down and find a couple pieces to put together. He is 73 years old and had to build a special table in his living room to complete the puzzle, his living room also had to be emptied from all other furniture in order to complete the task at hand!

In 2013 Dave Evans, 63, from Weymouth, Exhibited his 40,000-Piece Puzzle That he Had Finished Putting Together and it Literally Fell Into Pieces Right In Front of the Camera and Exhibition Observers!

The whole thing was caught on tape! 63 year old Dave Evans spend over a month of work, spending over 200 hours on the puzzle and decided to put it on exhibition as it was said to be the biggest puzzle in the world that is commercially available at the time.

Right when everyone was watching and the exhibition had started, Evans took out his camera to film a video and the puzzle CAME CRASHING DOWN in front of everyone!

It took him a week to rebuild the puzzle and put it back on exhibition! Watch the whole thing in the video below!

Rest in Pieces!

That’s it for the the worlds biggest record puzzles!

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