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Who doesn’t love a good laugh? The internet certainly does, which is perfectly depicted in the series of videos known as ‘Top 10 Dumbest Tweets’ on the channel Most Amazing Top 10. How much the audience loves these kinds of videos is clearly evident in the fact that the latest video that came out only a few days ago is part 31. That’s right; part thirty-one!

Mankind is often seen to take pleasure laughing at other’s flaws- now that may sound kind of cynical, but not when it comes down to the world of dumb twitter. In the series Top 10 dumbest tweets, you see just how absolutely senseless one sounds when they simply type in whatever comes in their heads without ever thinking. You might be thinking to yourself: nobody expects people to be prim and proper on a social platform like twitter, so how can you call someone dumb? Well, to answer, let’s look at the following tweet:

“I’m so excited my sister’s about to have a baby. I wonder if I’m gonna be an aunt or an uncle.”

No comments? We thought so too!

This incredible series started from the first video known simply as Top 10 Dumbest Tweets of All Time uploaded on December 20th, 2015. Since then, this series was shown such love by the

YouTube family that it has reached part 31 almost two years later- and it doesn’t end there!

The hilarious video talks about how unimaginably ridiculous people can be, especially on twitter where they can freely express what’s on their mind in front of the whole wide world. But sadly, instead of tweeting something worthwhile as the creators of twitter would have probably expected, people sometimes tweet such, well, dumb stuff!

The first tweet is absolutely insane:

I’d rather kill myself than commit suicide!

Such obvious wrongness of the statement is enough to bring out a good chuckle. The following tweets get funnier and funnier, until the countdown reaches number 1 with the grand finale tweet that simply makes you want to ‘ROFL’ or roll on the floor laughing (or in reality let out a few deep sighs coupled with an enormous smile as you stare at the screen.)

The video about such absurd words by our fellow humans gained such an overwhelming response from the crowd that the Most Amazing Top 10 team decided to make a part two, and then a part three, followed by a part four…..up to a part 31 (and still counting.) the content of the video is made even funnier by the absolutely hilarious reactions of the host, Danny Burke. Speaking in his amazing British accent, his reactions as he reads the tweets out loud are exactly like your own. His face depicts exactly what you feel at that moment as you hear the tweet for the first time, making the moment an even funnier one.

Danny Burk’s adorable smile coupled with his confused expressions are what the audience has come to love- which is perhaps why all thirty-one parts have been so far hosted only by him, and no other member of the Most Amazing Top 10 team. The video has over 2,271,532 views till on its first part and the number continues to grow every minute.

So if you’re looking for something online that promises you a good chuckle without being that very offensive-kind-of comedy, Top 10 dumbest tweets is an entire series that you can enjoy by yourself. The average time of a video is about 6-7 minutes, but it’s certain to leave you waiting for the next part with a smile on your face. Who knows how far the series will continue? But one thing’s for sure: as long as there’s twitter, there’ll be a world of dumb twitter!

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